Due to its exposed position on the wrist, a watch is exposed to numerous adversities of daily life: fingerprints, dirt, skin abrasion, sweat. . . And even the odd little scratch can happen quickly. How would the thought occur to you if your watch were immune to it from now on? The polyWatch Watch Protector offers a perfect shield against all these eventualities - and every day your watch looks as if it has just come out of the showroom.


Watch Protector Kit contents:

  • Cleaner wet wipe
  • Sealer wet wipe
  • Microfibre wipe
  • Gloves
  • Step-by-Step instructions

Polywatch WatchSealer Set int 200130

Instructions - it is so easy:

Carry out the following steps using the 2-component system and the tools supplied:

Step 1 - Clean the watch with polishing movements with the Cleaner wet cloth, then dry the glass with the enclosed microfiber cloth. The entire surface must be absolutely clean and free of grease and dust.


Step 2 - Now apply (use the enclosed gloves) the sealant slowly and evenly to the surface with the Sealer wet wipe.

polywatch WatchProtector MG 4591 rgb low

Step 3 - After 10-15 minutes polish to a high gloss with the enclosed microfibre cloth. After approx.

polywatch WatchProtector MG 4595 rgb low

12 hours the sealant is completely cured and fully loadable.